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Please advice today

From: Customer Service
Subject: Please advice today
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 10:21:41 +0000

Good Morning,
           Could you please advice me on the availability of DANFOSS,THERMOSTATIC EXPANSION VALVE,R22,TX2,095-0008:WTH OX ORIFICE,095-0001Alongside a 38 gallon Vicker Catridge in your stock ?This is the current request from an affiliate contractor to execute his current contract,whom considering his patronage to our investment,we had no option than to make the instrument available for him.
   Should you have or could provide me the valve/the catride,please fax/email me its price per each to include shipping to our office here.He needs 200 unit of the valve to execute his current contract.
  Please advice today.
Christian Stetter
Payless Inc.
448 pitney rd
Fax: 803-753-4703.

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