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(no subject)

From: joy happiness ifem
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 17:25:11 +0100

Dear friend,
i hope this mail would meet you in a good and happy condition how are you and 
your beloved farmily hope all is ok and fine because it is a promise from god 
that who ever believes in him shall be blessed arboudantly.
friend i wrote this mail personaly to you because i strongly believe that you 
help me not only for money but to lead and advise me for my better tomorrow.
friend i am not a pastor nor a rev but a student of UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA NSUKKA
in west africa
friend i ran out of my country nigeria last week wednesday being 23rd feb 2006 
to a nearby country daker senegal because of the fighting in my state which has 
lervished the life of my only surviving brother samuel ifem who has promised to 
sponsur my education to the highest level after the death of our beloved 
parients.may his soul rest in perfect peace amen.
friend i am presently in a hotel here in senegal of which my loghing payment 
would expire tomorrow and i know nobody here in senegal and would not sale up 
my responsibilities with men because of money.
please friend help me out of this condition you are my hope and only you i rely 
please bring me up and plane for my better life tomorrow for the sake of love.
please friend wipe off my tears.
thanks and remain blessed.
i am at the computer house waiting for your good reply.
Joy Happiness Ifem

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