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I need your help.

From: Theresa Hamza
Subject: I need your help.
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 14:20:41 +0100

 Dear ;Friend,

First, I must apologize if my mode of first contact is not acceptable  to you 
and also solicit your confidence in this transaction; this is by virtue of its 
nature as  being utterly private and top secret. Though I know that a 
transaction of this magnitude will make anyone apprehensive and worried.

My Name is Theresa Hamza, I am the only dauther of late Mr. and Mrs Solomon 
Hamza who was assisinated in 2002 during a political unrest that engulfed  my 
Country Zambia  recently. They where shot to dead my unknown Person(s) who 
where accusing him of funding and sponsoring a factional
Political group with his money. So in respect of this they came to our House 
and  shot everyone dead including  my two younger Siblings by then I was not  
at home,But fortunately my Father did not die instantly that day. It took him 
three Months later after that incident before he finally gave up the ghost.

Before the death of my father, in October 28, 2002, in a private hospital, he 
secretly called me on is bedside and told me that it has the sum of five 
million, five hundred and thousand United States(USS5,500,000)dollars he 
deposited it in a Finance and Security company here Dakar Senegal. with my name 
as next of kin to the fund. Now, after the recent crisis that burstup in my 
Country I ran to Senegal where my father deposited the fund and seeked asylum, 
that is how I now  went to stay in the United States Refugee Camp. So that is 
where am  currently staying for now. But the problem am encoutering now is that 
when I went to the Financial holding  company to withdraw the  money. I was 
made to understand that with my status  as a refugee I can not be able to clear 
the fund,but can do so with the  help of a forieng partner. They  told me that 
the local law hear does not Permit a refugee to operate any business atall, nor 
transact a fund of such magnitude. So please dear, I am pleading, if ou can 
help me and  stand as my nominated next-of-kin and withdraw the fund for me 
(USS5,500,000) to your account  in your Coutry and I will be very glad to you

Please once can be able help and assist me with this project. I will offer 15% 
percent of the money then after I will come over to your Country to start up a  
new life. And also go into any profitable business you will advise me to do.

Please you can reply me with this alternate email address as it is the most 
confidential for me at the moment.   address@hidden

I will be waiting to hear your favourable response.

Theresa Hamza  

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