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Government funds available

From: shop123
Subject: Government funds available
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 08:48:44 +0500

Canada Books
26 Bellevue
Qc, Canada
J0R 1B0

Press Release

The "Canadian Subsidy Directory 2006" edition is now available.

This guide contains more than 3200 listings of grants and loans 
offered by both the federal and provincial governments. It also 
includes foundations and associations. It is deemed to be the 
perfect tool for anyone seeking funds.

Businesses, individuals, municipalities, government departments,
institutions, foundations, and associations will find a wealth of
information that could help them start a business, improve existent
activities, set up a business plan, finance personal projects, studies 
and research, or obtain assistance from experts in various fields of 

The American Grants and Loans Directory is also available for
The United States. (more than 700 foundations included in this

CD version: $69.95
Printed version: $149.95

To order please call:  450-224-wask(9275)

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