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Investment Proposal.

From: Adams Scout
Subject: Investment Proposal.
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 23:13:15 +0400

Attention: Sir/Madam

Compliments and greetings to you. Haven found you listed with your countries 
trade portal it is my wish to do business with you, hence your receipt of this 
letter. The purpose of this letter is to introduce myself to you, I am a 
financial consultant with a Middle East Business consultancy, offering business 
advisor and banking services in the region, the company I work for is a very 
solid company, and one of the companies banking clients approached me and 
delivered to me the brief forming the objective of my contacting you.

My task involves seeking a reliable partner for the purpose of my client to 
invest funds in your country, and consequently migrate and reside in your 
country; I decided to seek a partner, because I have never done business in 
your country.

I am brokering an Investment deal in your country on behalf of this client of 
our institution. This deal will involve the eventual investment of USD 25 M. 
(Twenty F ive Million Dollars) in your country.

I am by this letter offering you partnership, so as to allow us have you as 
representative and manager of invested funds in your country. Since I can not 
determine if this email is still functional and also your willingness I have 
kept this proposal brief.

If you are interested in this offer of partnership, please respond and give me 
your full contact details (as preferred for this interaction) plus company 
profile and in response we will send you an elaborate proposal and details of 
this offer. Your expedient response will be appreciated at this my confidential 
email id - (address@hidden)

Thank You.
Adams Scout
First Gulf Inc.

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