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[Bug-glpk] maybe a bug

From: hongyuan_zhang
Subject: [Bug-glpk] maybe a bug
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 17:22:05 +0400

dear author:
      the glpk I used is glpk-4.2. the problem I meet is as following.
      I use glpk to solve a MIP problem.  when I doubt some constraints may be 
broked, I get the  row value by
lpx_get_row_info(lpx,I,NULL,&value,NULL).  the result is seemed ok. some row 
value as follow.
1         9.238577  
2         100008.696580  
3         100007.745848  
4         100006.386690 
5          10.903077   // I only want to check the first five constrints
 then I calculate the row value myself, and I get the following value:
1          9.238585
2           10000 9.196580
3           10000 7.745845
4           10000 6.386662
5           10.400755
 so I find there are some difference in the row value by two mathod. I have 
checked my method, and it is simple and valid, 
can you explain it and help me. 
 the attached is program code and some data or lib I used.  the program 
environment is VC++6.0.
thank you 

          Best regard !!

your sincere Irry zhang
Automation Institute 
Shanghai Jiaotong University .P.R. China
Tel ( H ):    021-62933427-22
E.mail: address@hidden

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