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Re[2]: [Bug-glpk] patch for glpk-4.8

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: Re[2]: [Bug-glpk] patch for glpk-4.8
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 22:29:01 +0300

>It is not a bug in Automake. It is a bug in your Makefile.am. For
>example, you specify this in example/Makefile.am:
>INCLUDES = -I../include
>What do you want automake to do with this? Do you want automake to
>automatically replace the option with "-I$(srcdir)/../include"?

Generally speaking, yes :+)

Okay, okay, I agree that the problem is with Makefile.am. I am not an
expert in autotools, so I used a makefile from some GNU package as an
example, which was not sufficiently relevant (you also noted that some
GNU packages have the same problem, didn't you?). If you know how to
fix the problem, please post a correct version of Makefile.am either to
me or better to the list. Thanks.

Andrew Makhorin

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