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[Bug-glpk] Re: [Help-glpk] Why GLPK crash when I try to solve this probl

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: [Bug-glpk] Re: [Help-glpk] Why GLPK crash when I try to solve this problem?
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 15:27:27 +0300

> Hi, I'm new to GLPK and I need help. I'm trying to solve a problem with
> GLPK (or, at least, to write LP problem) but the solver crashes and I
> don't know why...
> I'll attach you mod and dat file:
> http://www.nabble.com/file/p23556429/FP.mod FP.mod 
> http://www.nabble.com/file/p23556429/zonaE.dat zonaE.dat 
> I'm waiting for your answers...thank you!

> PS: I'm using GLPK version 4.34

Most likely it is a bug in the C run-time library, *not* in glpk.
Which compiler did you use to compile glpk? For example, Borland C/C++
run-time library crashes at exit from the main program (segmentation
fault) if the memory dynamically allocated by the program exceeds 64 Mb.

I run your model successfully under both GNU/Linux and Cygwin:

Reading model section from FP.mod...
FP.mod:739: warning: unexpected end of file; missing end statement inserted
739 lines were read
Reading data section from zonaE.dat...
zonaE.dat:271: warning: final NL missing before end of file
zonaE.dat:271: warning: unexpected end of file; missing end statement inserted
271 lines were read
Generating fp...
Generating c...
Generating a...
Generating v...
Generating cs...
Generating tc...
Model has been successfully generated
glp_mpl_build_prob: row fp; constant term 130 ignored
glp_simplex: original LP has 7568 rows, 7735 columns, 304367 non-zeros
glp_simplex: presolved LP has 7057 rows, 7401 columns, 295287 non-zeros
 A: min|aij| =  1.000e+00  max|aij| =  4.800e+03  ratio =  4.800e+03
GM: min|aij| =  4.342e-01  max|aij| =  2.303e+00  ratio =  5.304e+00
EQ: min|aij| =  1.911e-01  max|aij| =  1.000e+00  ratio =  5.233e+00
Constructing initial basis...
Size of triangular part = 7057
      0: obj =   1.000000000e+02  infeas =  9.261e+01 (0)
    200: obj =   9.185353661e+01  infeas =  6.939e-02 (0)
*   206: obj =   8.516197148e+01  infeas =  1.254e-14 (0)
*   341: obj =   1.835554600e+01  infeas =  1.321e-14 (0)
Time used:   1.0 secs
Memory used: 501.6 Mb (525989635 bytes)

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