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Re: [Bug-glpk] Crash in glp_interior

From: Andrew Makhorin
Subject: Re: [Bug-glpk] Crash in glp_interior
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 06:12:11 +0300

> I modified the introductory example from the manual to use the
> interior-point method:

> [...]

> It compiles and runs but finishes with a null pointer:

> address@hidden:~/pure/glpk/pure-glpk$ ./ipt_test
> Original LP has 3 row(s), 3 column(s), and 9 non-zero(s)
> Working LP has 3 row(s), 6 column(s), and 12 non-zero(s)
> Matrix A has 12 non-zeros
> Matrix S = A*A' has 6 non-zeros (upper triangle)
> Approximate minimum degree ordering (AMD)...
> xfree: ptr = (nil); null pointer
> Error detected in file glplib07.c at line 175
> Aborted
> address@hidden:~/pure/glpk/pure-glpk$

> There seems to be something wrong with the parameter block in the 
> glp_interior call. When I define the parameter block, try to change the 
> ordering method and pass the block to glp_interior I always receive 
> precisely the same output including AMD ordering method.

> Other problems loaded from MPS files are solved. However, any attempt to 
> change the ordering method is ignored.

> I am using glpk version 4.38 under Kubuntu 9.04 with gcc 4.3.3. The same 
> example worked well with glpk 4.37.

> BTW, there is a typo in the paragraph 2.8.2 of the manual:

> there should be the synopsis

>    void glp_ipt_status(glp_prob *lp);

> instead of

>    int glp_ipt_status(glp_prob *lp);

Thank you for the bug report.

Please see:

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