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[Bug-glpk] three small bugs, only for compilation

From: Paul Boersma
Subject: [Bug-glpk] three small bugs, only for compilation
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 17:03:54 +0400

dear Andrew,

when adapting the source code of version 4.44 for inclusion in my 
Praat program (praat.org), I found I had to make the following three 

1. in amd_internal.h, I changed

    #define SIZE_T_MAX  ((size_t) -1)


    #ifndef SIZE_T_MAX
       #define SIZE_T_MAX  ((size_t) -1)

because SIZE_T_MAX was already defined in limits.h, which is included 
in glpstd.h. The definition was ULONG_MAX (for Xcode for the Mac, 
32-bit). Both definitions may or may not be correct on 64-bit 

2. In glpios09.c, I had to change char to unsigned char in line 197.

3. In all glpmpl* files, I had to change the "error" macro, defined 
in glpmpl.h, into something else (more than 100 times), because 
"error" is (for my CodeWarrior compiler for Windows) a member of the 
FILE structure, so that one cannot #define it as something else.

best wishes,

Paul Boersma
Phonetic Sciences, University of Amsterdam
Spuistraat 210, room 303
1012VT Amsterdam, The Netherlands
phone +31-20-5252385

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