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possible pspp bug

From: rob caSSon
Subject: possible pspp bug
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 15:42:09 -0500 (EST)

system info (bleeding edge):

        debian unstable, x86
        libc6 2.2.1
        kernel 2.4.1, reiserfs
        pspp v0.2.4, from debian packages

when i run both interactive and batch jobs that output simple portable
files, i get broken output, along with this message:

        .pspp: pfm-write.c:146: bufwrite: Assertion `buf' failed.

really interested in your work on this.....looks quite promising for some
web front ends for analyzing data......if i'm doing something completely
stupid, don't hesitate to let me know....i'm not a data guy, just a web


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