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A Recommendation from One of Your Friends. (Ref: OA26SVX6NEB)

From: Who-Remembers-Me
Subject: A Recommendation from One of Your Friends. (Ref: OA26SVX6NEB)
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 01:30:41 -0400 (EDT)


One of your Friends has entered your e-mail address into the tell a friend section of the Who-Remembers-Me.com web-site in order for us to send you a very short and one off note recommending this site as they feel it maybe of interest to you.

Who Remembers Me.Com is an easy to use web site designed in a way that will enable everyone to look up Family, Friends, Neighbours, Colleagues or even just acquaintances from the past, right from your very childhood to the present day. This site offers a broad array of search areas like no other site! Look up an old friend or neighbour that used to live on the same Street/Estate as you, read their profile see what they have been doing and what they are doing now, get in touch or just remember.

Visit the site and see the full list of search areas, search and see who you remember, register your details now and see who remembers you. This site has sixteen different search categories covering every aspect of location based memories.

This site is suitable for the United States/United Kingdom/Canada/Australia/New Zealand and all other English speaking countries.

If you like this site then please recommend it by forwarding this message on to all your friends, thank you!

http://www.Who-Remembers-Me.com (click the link or copy and past into your browser)

Recommendation Reference Number - OA26SVX6NEB

P O Box 50718

We at Who-Remembers-Me.com take internet security very seriously and have provided a link below that will enable you to take your e-mail address of our list. We would like to assure you that we do not buy or sell e-mail addresses and that the e-mail addresses that we gather from our Tell a Friend link our only used by us for that purpose, they are never passed on and once you have clicked the link below they are completely disposed of into the dustbin. Click the e-mail dustbin link below if you wish your e-mail address to be disposed of.

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