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From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: PSPP-BUG: PSPP Bug?
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 09:41:40 +0800
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There were a couple of strange things with the syntax you posted.

First, is that you've got variable names that begin with digits.  So
far as I'm aware, this has always been disallowed.  Also,  there are
some mutant whitespace in your data block.  

I don't know how you would have ever got that to work .... however, I
corrected these errors, and ran your code, and indeed, got a similar
result.  It seems that pspp doesn't like the fact that the directory
"resultdata" doesn't exist.  So I'll file a bug to that effect.  In
the mean time, you can work around this, by simply ensuring that
"resultdata" exists when the syntax file is run.

Thanks for the bug report.


On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 01:33:06PM -0600, Juha Vehnia wrote:
     Hi there,
     This just recently started happening after system update on SuSe 9
     Enterprise. Any conversion to binary sav format seems to fail all the
     sudden? Any pointer what went wrong?
     Here is what I run:
     devserver:/var/www/html/sv400/logs # /usr/local/bin/pspp
     You have discovered a bug in PSPP.
       Please report this, by sending an email to address@hidden,
     explaining what you were doing when this happened, and including
     a sample of your input file which caused it.
     Also, please copy the following lines into your bug report:
     bare_version:        0.4.0
     version:             GNU pspp 0.4.0
     stat_version:        GNU pspp 0.4.0  (Wed Feb 15 13:12:15 CST 2006).
     host_system:         x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
     build_system:        x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
     default_config_path: ~/.pspp:/usr/local/etc/pspp
     include_path:        ./:~/.pspp/include:/usr/local/share/pspp
     locale_dir:          /usr/local/share/locale
     compiler version:    3.3.5 20050117 (prerelease) (SUSE Linux)
     Diagnosis: Segmentation Violation
     devserver:/var/www/html/sv400/logs # less
     (DATETIME20.0) STIME (A20) 1 (F3.0) 2_1 (F1.0) 2_2 (F1.0) 2_3 
     (F1.0) 2_4 (F1.0) 2_5 (F1.0) 2_6 (F1.0) 2a (A255) 2b (F3.0) 2c (F3.0) 2d
     (F3.0) 2e (F3.0) 2f (F3.0) 2g (F3.0) 2h (F3.0) 2i (F3.0).
     "      8","COMPLETED","15-Feb-2006 00:17:41","15-Feb-2006 00:18:17","
     0min 36s","  1","0","1","1","0","0","1","cxvxc     
     ","  5","  5","  5"
     ,"  5","  5","  5","  5","  5"
     END DATA.
     VARIABLE LABELS RID "Mobile Memoir internal respondent ID".
     VARIABLE LABELS STATUS "Respondent status".
     VARIABLE LABELS STARTTIME "Survey start time".
     VARIABLE LABELS ENDTIME "Survey end time".
     VARIABLE LABELS STIME "Survey time".
     VARIABLE LABELS 1 "This is test question?".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2_1 "Snowboarding".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2_2 "Hinking".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2_3 "Biking".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2_4 "Tennis".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2_5 "Golf".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2_6 "Other".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2a "OTHER - Other".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2b "Red Bull - Cola".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2c "Gatorade - Pepsi".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2d "Pop - Dr Pepper".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2e "Sprite - Mountain Dew".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2f "Mountain Dew - Sprite".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2g "Dr Pepper - Pop".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2h "Pepsi - Gatorade".
     VARIABLE LABELS 2i "Cola - Red Bull".
     VALUE LABELS /1 1 "A" 2 "B".
     VALUE LABELS /2_1 0 "unchecked" 1 "checked".
     VALUE LABELS /2_2 0 "unchecked" 1 "checked".
     VALUE LABELS /2_3 0 "unchecked" 1 "checked".
     VALUE LABELS /2_4 0 "unchecked" 1 "checked".
     VALUE LABELS /2_5 0 "unchecked" 1 "checked".
     VALUE LABELS /2_6 0 "unchecked" 1 "checked".
     VALUE LABELS /2b 1 "A" 2 "B" 3 "C" 4 "D" 5 "E".
     VALUE LABELS /2c 1 "A" 2 "B" 3 "C" 4 "D" 5 "E".
     VALUE LABELS /2d 1 "A" 2 "B" 3 "C" 4 "D" 5 "E".
     VALUE LABELS /2e 1 "A" 2 "B" 3 "C" 4 "D" 5 "E".
     VALUE LABELS /2f 1 "A" 2 "B" 3 "C" 4 "D" 5 "E".
     VALUE LABELS /2g 1 "A" 2 "B" 3 "C" 4 "D" 5 "E".
     VALUE LABELS /2h 1 "A" 2 "B" 3 "C" 4 "D" 5 "E".
     VALUE LABELS /2i 1 "A" 2 "B" 3 "C" 4 "D" 5 "E".
     SAVE /OUTFILE 'resultdata/200602151327_All_questions_by_Juha_Vehnia.sav'.
     Juha Vehnia
     Chief Technical Officer
     Office: 512.231.4678 (NEW)
     Cellular: 214.277.1625
     Bug-gnu-pspp mailing list

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