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Re: PSPP-BUG: Re: [bug #23344] Use /tmp for temporary files

From: unknown-1
Subject: Re: PSPP-BUG: Re: [bug #23344] Use /tmp for temporary files
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 10:43:09 +0200


    - in the current situation PSPPire leaves files behind in directories. In my
    opinion this is not a clean behavier.

Why?  Lot's of programs leave files in the current
directory. Compilers, editors, linkers ...

Sure, but this output is needed/expected after the porgram is ended. Maybe I am wrong, but as far as I can see there is no use for the files which stay behind now. They are only needed by the program during runtime as far as I found.

On windows, most of the users don't have an idea what there current directory is., besides, writing in unaspected directories is one of the aspects why lots of programs doen't work on Vista. Myabe II am allergic for it, but I  have spend lots of time in installations because of this aspect. In general I think a program should write files in a user defined directory or ask the user where to write them. Files which are not needed anymore after the program is ended should be placed in the temp directory where the system can cleanup things. Not that important for these PSPPire files, but I would say place temporary files, or files with a short livetime, on a fast device. No reason to backup these files. This increases speed and reduces costs.

    - if installed in a standard windows way, a standard user won't have write
    access on the current directory and also not on /usr....

I'm not an expert on windows, but doesn't a user have write access on
his/her home directory?

The default for a shortcut in windows is to set the current directory to the directory where to software is installed. The user should not have write access there.

    - PSPPireWidget seems only to work if it is available in the current

Hmm.  It should do.  Try setting the variables LD_LIBRARY_PATH and/or
DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to the location of the cygpsppire.* file(s).

Unfortunately not. It even crashes before strace is displaying its first line when this dll is not in the current directory.


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