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From: Mike Griffiths
Subject: PSPP-BUG: PSPP - bugs
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 14:52:52 +0000

I recently came across your software, which I think is a brilliant idea.  I downloaded it, version 0.6.1, which by following the links from your home page appears to be the latest stable version available for Windows.
I tried it out and found the following, which appear to be problems, particularly item 3.  Possibly some of the other items serve me right for using Windows...?
1.  I tried to enter some data in Data View and found I could not do so without first giving the variables names in Variable View - unlike SPSS, which gives default names.
2.  I tried to name two variables, a and b, but when I entered a as the name of the first variable the programme did not recognise it the first time and said that the variable name could not be an empty string. 
3.  I entered the following (admittedly nonesense) data and called up a paired-samples t-test.  PSPP gave the correct value of t (1.00) but for the p-value gave 1.577, which is bigger not only than the correct figure but than the maximum theoretically possible p-value (which is 1).  (A little experimenting with other paired-samples tests suggests that the programme is reporting 2-p, where p is the correct value.)
a    b
11  2
1   1
1   1
4.  I tried to remove the above figures to try something different, and the 'delete' button on my keyboard was inactive.
5.  I tried to paste some figures in from Exel (a 2x8 table), but the figures all appeared in one cell of PSPP with blanks between them.
6.  I tried to undo the above paste, but found no 'undo' in the Edit manual, and I couldn't undo with Control-Z either.
I hope these comments help. 
Mike Griffiths.

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