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Re: PSPP-BUG: bugreport

From: John Darrington
Subject: Re: PSPP-BUG: bugreport
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 08:34:31 +0000
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On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 01:37:09PM -0800, Ben Pfaff wrote:
     Mathias Dobbeck <address@hidden> writes:
 assertion failed: (retval != NULL)
     > Abgebrochen
     I think that someone else reported the same problem before, and
     solved the problem.  I'm CCing the mailing list in the hope that
     that person will speak up.
I'm pretty sure this is a bug in recent versions of Gtk+.
One work-around which seems to avoid the problem is to delete the 
recent files log.

Another work-around has been posted at

I wish I had a better understanding of the problem, so that I could report
it on the Gtk bugzilla and get some feedback from the developers.

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