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PSPP-BUG: They lose sight of columns in "variable view"

From: Bastián Díaz
Subject: PSPP-BUG: They lose sight of columns in "variable view"
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 07:27:05 -0300

OS: Fedora 16 (Verne)
Environment: Gnome 3.2.1 (Gnome-Shell)

- There remains the width assigned to the columns in the "in the variable view." Usually the column label is used rather long descriptions so that at first glance, does not serve the size allocated by default and the software "forgets" the column size manually assigned.
Proposed solution: The width of the columns in the "variable viewis automatic. This widthis adjusted depending on the number of characters entered, without the need to store user preferences for a particular file.      ---Bug Level: Normal

On certain occasions, to work with the columns that are on the far right, try to return with the"scroll-bar" inferior position in the column for "name" and when you reach the top with the "scroll-bar" column vision does not move, and many times I try and change of views, I can not go to "visualize" the left hand column of the "variable view".
I guess this bug is related to the above, since due to widen the column "label" (and someother columns) are not able to display all the columns in the window of the program anduse it on an ongoing basis I use the "scroll-bar "below:
The only solution I could find the problem is to save the changes, close the software andrun it again.
To replicate: Widen the columns (names, type, label, etc) until until the "variable view" would be as wide sufiecientemente to use the "scroll-bar" below and enter data in columns (right side). With one selected (eg "measure"), movel the "scrol-bar" lower left butt to display the column "name".      ---Bug level: Severe


Request: I would like to comment on some things she could be included in the software development planning:

- Short term: It would be great to integrate a section of preferences (very simple), to handleconfigurations as source type (general, not every use of the software), encryption type (Western, UTF-8, etc.), location of file saved "pspp.jnl" ;configurations interface. Things like that:)
(Are there any plans to port it to GTK + 3.x?)

- Medium term: A file viewer "*. spv" (like it is common tables and results sent to me in that format, and whenever I have to ask to move to other file formats.

- Long term: Include further statistical analysis.


I am pleased to know that there are projects like this, I love free software and I had notopted for the use of "PSPP" because in my university (where I work) I was asked (demanded) using IBM SPSS, until I renewed the license for the operating system GNU / Linux, as operating system support only "Window $".

I am not a developer (I'm a psychologist), but these requests were made by the team of developers "PSPP" with great humility. Due to the lack of analysis, when necessary I useproprietary software on a Windows partition but I'm sure that in future not be necessary. ;)

I want to offer to translate the software (and maybe help) into Spanish. If you tell me how to do this (motioning guides, manuals, etc.), I can make this work in my spare time.

Thank you very much!

Bastián Díaz

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