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From: Pedro Rosado
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2015 07:21:54 +0000

I'm a Psychology graduate at my university and an adept of Linux. 
I once had this conversation with some statistics and data analysis about our old pc's  upgrading from windows xp (which ended the support) and changing to windows 7 which resulted in a new OS on a PC that does not have the requirements to run it. So we went talking about opensource solutions and what not.

I said i would purpose our university to switch windows for a more lightweight linux distro that comes with Libreoffice (An office suite is essential for most students), a good browser (all pc's have IE, Firefox and Chrome) but the problem comes with IBM's SPSS.

I talked about PSPP but to their point of view, the program looks outdated, the tests it makes look way too incomplete compared do spss (Yes Anova, I'm talking about you) in terms of outputs. Not to mention the lack of box plot graphics, mean distribution graphics, pie charts, manual mean comparisons with syntax (L matrix for two way anovas).

I've visited PSPP's website quite a few times, because SPSS is having more and more issues running under Wine and a opensource solution is always better, since it's native. 

My real question here is - Is the product abandoned? If not, I would like to contact the developers to try to make a partnership between my university and the developers, in which they would end up paying way else for SPSS licenses (which the price is quite absurd imo, just like windows licenses) and developers would get payed in order to sustain and develop a product that not only our universities can use, but all the others.  

Pedro Daniel Vieira Rosado

Mobile: (+351) 913130898

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