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PSPP-BUG: [bug #45266] wrong working when entering data

From: Friedrich Beckmann
Subject: PSPP-BUG: [bug #45266] wrong working when entering data
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 2015 18:56:28 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #45266 (project pspp):

The original problem from Robert Gross:

PSPP crashes about every second or third time I try to save a file during
manual data entry. What might be causing this?

The behavior described from Alan does not result in a crash and it is not
related to saving the file. 

I can see the behavior described by Alan on debian and osx and I think it is
related to the fact the default content of an empty cell is a dot. When
selecting the cell, the cell content is selected. When you then type something
new the old content is overwritten. But moving the cursor or any action that
deselects the content will end up keeping the dot. I the cell content is
numeric, then this will result in an error message.


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