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PSPP-BUG: [bug #41004] make check is not working when cross-compiling

From: Harry Thijssen
Subject: PSPP-BUG: [bug #41004] make check is not working when cross-compiling
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2016 16:21:22 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #23, bug #41004 (project pspp):

I tried to reproduce your results from the current tarball but where not
succesfull. See the start of the run below.

Is there something more I should do to reproduce the results?

XTERM_LOCALE='' /bin/sh './tests/testsuite' -C tests
## ----------------------------------- ##
## GNU PSPP 0.10.2-g9136cc test suite. ##
## ----------------------------------- ##
rm: cannot remove
'/home/harry/pspp-master-20160403/pspp-0.10.2-g9136cc/tests/wrappers/*': No
such file or directory


  1: epoch                                           FAILED (calendar.at:89)

data input (data-in)

  2: numeric input formats                           FAILED (data-in.at:395)
  3: reading big numbers                             ok
  4: DATE input format                               FAILED (data-in.at:489)
  5: ADATE input format                              FAILED (data-in.at:701)
  6: EDATE input format                              FAILED (data-in.at:913)
  7: JDATE input format                              FAILED (data-in.at:1125)
  8: SDATE input format                              FAILED (data-in.at:1337)
  9: QYR input format                                FAILED (data-in.at:1549)
 10: MOYR input format                               FAILED (data-in.at:1761)
 11: WKYR input format                               FAILED (data-in.at:1973)
 12: DATETIME input format                           FAILED (data-in.at:2185)
 13: TIME input format                               FAILED (data-in.at:2597)
 14: DTIME input format                              FAILED (data-in.at:3009)
 15: binary and hexadecimal input (IB, PIB, and PIBHEX formats) FAILED
 16: BCD input (P and PK formats)                    FAILED (data-in.at:3451)
 17: legacy input (N and Z formats)                  FAILED (data-in.at:3471)
 18: WKDAY input format                              FAILED (data-in.at:3502)
 19: MONTH input format                              FAILED (data-in.at:3597)


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