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PSPP-BUG: reading csv data set

From: someone
Subject: PSPP-BUG: reading csv data set
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2018 19:30:39 -0500


It seems highly possible there is some kind of bug with a version of pspp. 

I think I have windows 10, on a 64 bit laptop, and I downloaded pspp a couple of days ago from here

I am pretty sure there is something wrong with the pspp version I got.
I made a simple csv file here, called "testing.csv"

I followed these steps on the pspp gui, and got a data set, but see the problems below

import data
click on "testing.csv"
buttons on lower right are "reset", "next", "cancel"
click on next
upper left shows 
"Select the lines to import"
"Select file to import"
lower right shows "reset", "next", "back", "finish" and "cancel"
click on next
upper left shows 
"Select the first line"
"Select file to import"
click on next
upper left shows
"choose separators"
"Select file to import"
now lower right only shows "reset", "next", "back" and "cancel"
upper left shows
"adjust variable formats"
"Select file to import"
lower right had "finish"
click finish

data set is read in, but:
variable names disappeared
there is an extra first and last line

At each step where the upper left showed that I was -supposed- to be able to do something, there was no opportunity to do so, nothing appeared which would allow me to select, choose, adjust, or anything. 

This seems to be a really simple csv data set, and it didn't work, so I can only conclude this version of pspp isn't working, for the windows set up I have.  

Just fyi, I had the problem first with a data set at the same location, called pd_data_cia.csv. I -could- import the ods version of that data set. 


Gene Shackman
Albany NY

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