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PSPP-BUG: Windows 10 Pro PSPP Output error Crosstabs syntax error at 'PI

From: Alexandra Younger
Subject: PSPP-BUG: Windows 10 Pro PSPP Output error Crosstabs syntax error at 'PIVOT'
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2022 12:23:19 -0600


I recently downloaded PSPP on my Windows 10 Pro to conduct some statistical analysis on data for my job. The project involves a stone tool analysis performed comparing attributes of the flakes that are produced as a result of stone tool production in order to illustrate the process of reduction and infer behaviors through identified patterns. The purpose was to conduct a Chi-Square Test of Independence utilizing the Crosstabs function on the software. When I run the Chi-Square test under "Non-Parametric Tests", I get immediate output. However, I needed to conduct a Test of Independence through Crosstabs under the "Descriptive Statistics"  tab, following which, the Crosstabs output produces the following error:

                  /TABLES =  Material     by       Texture
3.31-3.35: error: CROSSTABS: Syntax error at 'PIVOT' .


My data set is primarily a set of categorical variables using numeric values. I believe I have my values correctly labeled based on my previous experience with SPSS and consulting the tutorials. I have also tried the test with other variables in my data, including scale data, and I receive an identical error in the output as above. I even tried adjusting the Crosstabs settings, unchecking and checking boxes, to see if those affected the outcome.

I utilized the search option for the online GNU forum to seek out keywords related to this problem. I also tried Stack-Overflow, Google, and Reddit. I have not located any topics that may lead to a solution to my problem. Because the error in my output box identifies a syntax error, I believe there may be a coding error, which is what led me to report this as a bug in the software, rather than consult the mailing list. If this was in poor judgment, please let me know and I will try the mailing list instead. If you need more information from me, I will be happy to provide.


Alexandra Younger

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