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PSPP-BUG: no bug, just a big THANKS!

From: FB
Subject: PSPP-BUG: no bug, just a big THANKS!
Date: Mon, 29 May 2023 11:35:46 +0200
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Dear PSPP team,

I have no bug to report, just a huge chunk of gratitude for your work and efforts. I was working with SPSS back in 1999 and had a lot of old data on Chlamydia lab test results. My master thesis was about reinfection intervals and how they depend on age and sex. I plan to create a tutorial for survival analysis in R for epidemiologists, however I could not find an easy way to access my old data. Wikipedia on SPSS led me to PSPP, I downloaded & installed and all of a sudden, my 24 year old data came alive again, making me feel decades younger. So thanks for making this happen!


PS: I did donate to GNU, that was totally worth it!

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