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[Bug-gnu-radius] Fedora 9+ breaks gnu radius

From: Jerry
Subject: [Bug-gnu-radius] Fedora 9+ breaks gnu radius
Date: 03 Dec 2008 09:55:36 +0000

I've tried installing gnu radius with guile support only on a fedora 9
system and when I run 'make check' 2 lt-radiusd programs take up 100% of
both CPUs (gobble up resources) and the system crashes.  Installing
radius and running 'radctl start' ends in a system crash as well.

I've also got a Sangoma a101 card installed, but no drivers loaded when
the crash occurred.

The system is an s2462 mobo with 2G RAM with fedora 9 installed w/o any
X server stuff.

Is there an endless loop hiding somewhere?


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