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Re: bug#36370: 27.0.50; XFIXNAT called on negative numbers

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: bug#36370: 27.0.50; XFIXNAT called on negative numbers
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2019 10:46:52 -0700
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Pip Cet wrote:
It's way too easy
to do something like

eassume(ptr->field >= 0 && f(ptr));

when what you mean is

eassume(ptr->field >= 0);

These mean the same thing. Both tell the compiler that a certain condition (A && B) is known to be true, and that behavior is undefined if (A && B) is false. The fact that Gnulib+GCC implements them differently is a quality-of-implementation issue, not a semantics issue.

I'm saying that the programmer is
allowed to assume that the expression passed to assume either has been
evaluated, or hasn't been, with no in-between interpretations allowed
to the compiler.

I don't see why that assumption is valid. It's OK if GCC partially evaluates the expression. As a silly example, eassume (0 * dump_core () + getchar ()) is not required to call dump_core, even if the compiler generates a call to getchar.

Perhaps we should change the comments in verify.h to make this point clearer.

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