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RE: [Bug-gnupod] Passthrough tags on file conversion?

From: Robert Lippmann
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnupod] Passthrough tags on file conversion?
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 20:55:40 -0000

> Hi,
> > i do have one suggestion, namely passing through some vorbis comment
> > tags into id3 tags.  examples would be year (very useful for
> > generating 80s/90s song playlists that are installed by default on the
> > iPod),
> I could add more --set options to gnupod_addsong (like --set-year=),
> I'll think about that until the next release..

nothing that complicated.  simply, when you gnupod_addsong with --decode,
the perl scripts grab existing vorbis comments (ie artist, title, etc), and
pass through to lame/faac.  i'm simply suggesting if there's a year field in
the header, pass it through on the command line to the encoding program.

> > and gain values (i use vorbisgain, and converting to mp3, and
> > then having to run mp3gain again is very time consuming).
> Hmm.. The iPod has a normalization feature, but it's not fully
> understood at the moment.. Using the native feature would be better,
> and wouldn't break anything else (pcm/faac)

yeah, i don't know either (i don't use itunes).  i'm pretty sure that
mp3gain just writes an id3 tag, and it appears the ipod honors it on


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