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[Bug-gnupod] 64 char paths too long for current ipods?

From: Dan Aguayo
Subject: [Bug-gnupod] 64 char paths too long for current ipods?
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 19:49:13 -0400
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i just got a new 60G color ipod a couple of days ago to replace my
old 20G that i had been syncing with gnupod.  i converted it to
FAT32 using a windows box, then used gnupod to put a bunch of stuff
on it, but found that it wouldn't play certain tracks -- it would
just pause for a second then skip over them.

after some head-scratching i noticed that they were the tracks for
which the filenames were long.  i hacked up a little perl script
to shorten the pathnames in the xml file to no longer than 44
characters, and rename the mp3s.  now the broken tracks work.

is it possible that 64 character pathnames are too long in the
current version of the itunesdb or something?  sorry if this problem
is documented somewhere, i didn't find it in a couple of quick
google searches, and wanted to send you email in case other people
are dealing with this problem.

the two tracks i was using the debug this problem had pathnames of
64 and 60 characters, respectively.  i wasn't methodical enough to
figure out what the maximum allowed length was, but i can tell you
that an mp3 with a 53-character pathname did play this morning.

sorry for the scattered email -- in a bit of a hurry.  just thought
this might be useful if it's a new bug, and other people start
reporting the same problem.

thanks for the very useful software.

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