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[Bug-gnupod] Input/Output error

From: Brad Champlin
Subject: [Bug-gnupod] Input/Output error
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 16:23:57 -0600


My name is Brad.  I just started using your GNUPod software and I have
to say that's its really nice using console to add files to my ipod.
I'm getting a wierd error though.  I'm getting an input/output error
after adding around 400 mp3s.  I'm also having problems with my
unmounting of the ipod and that check=r problem.  I currently have a 5g
video ipod.  I've changed the ownership of the ipod (/media/ipod) to
myself (dell500) on my current box.  I'll see if I can bring up a log of
the problems i'm having.

I get this error for every song after about 100-400 mp3s added.

*** FATAL *** Skipping '/home/dell500/My Music/Blind.Melon/Blind Melon-
Live Vancouver/13 - Soup.mp3' , no target found!
No folders found, did you run gnupod_INIT.pl ?

It just keeps saying that over and over again.  When adding small
amounts of music, such as 1 directory at a time, my ipod adds the songs
fine.  But when adding multiple directories of music using the command:

# sudo find /path/to/music | sudo gnupod_addsong.pl -

It does the same thing as stated above.  Adds a few files, then craps
out.  I'm really sorry, i'm currently running Ubuntu Breezy Badger
(5.10) with kernel 2.6.12-10-k7 with version 0.98.3 GNUPod.  If you need
any other information e-mail me, thanks.


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