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[Bug-gnupod] Troubles adding songs.

From: Emanuele Corini
Subject: [Bug-gnupod] Troubles adding songs.
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 17:18:58 +0100
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Hello , i have  a problem whith gnupod & my ipod nano..
when i add songs to the ipod all seem to be good for the first 10-15 songs but 
for the other songs the output is like this:

*** FATAL *** Skipping '/dati/muzik/Fabrizio De Andre/In direzione ostinata e 
contraria - Cd 3/12-Ho visto Nina volare.mp3' , no target found!
No folders found, did you run gnupod_INIT.pl ?

it's like the case the ipod isn't mounted but it's really mounted..
here's my fstab line

/dev/ipod               /mnt/ipod       vfat          
users,exec,noauto,managed  0 0

i've tried also the option `sync` but the transfer is too slow.
Thank you for the help. 
Emanuele Corini. 

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