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[Bug-gnupod] Re: playcount not updating.

From: Paul Hannah
Subject: [Bug-gnupod] Re: playcount not updating.
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 21:17:56 +0200


I've simplified everything a bit, I rm -rf'd the nano then put on 2 files, no smart-playlists, and the problem still happens.  I've attached the appropriate files in case the simplified version helps.


2008/2/27 Paul Hannah <address@hidden>:

Finding this program has absolutely made my month -- got a 3g nano as present from work and couldn't deal with it any other way.  Well done!

I've found only one problem that causing me problems.

A process of addsong's then mktunes leaves the playcount unchanged from the value stored in the gnutunesdb.xml, which makes my playlist listing all unplayed podcasts with a whole heap that have been played.  If I do a 'tunes2pod -- force' all is well, but I'm not sure whether there are any other effects of doing this everytime i do an update.  (I've done this now so about 8 of the files are playcount=1 where the were stuck on 0 prior.)

Actually, looking again it looks like the tunes2pod isn't changing at least some (not sure sorry, should have counted I guess...)  Either way, there are a number (e.g. the triplej new music files have been played over and over again and are removed by the nano from the blue-dotted podcast list and the smart-playlist between mktunes runs.  Once I mktunes (apparently with or without tunes2pod) it resets the playcount and played_flag to 0.

I'll attach my .gnupod files in case I'm doing something wrong, I'm using Version 1.00-CVS under hardy beta3, and I'm more than willing to do some digging myself where I can if you need some more information.

I'm going to keep digging. but I've almost exhausted all options without delving into the code.

I'll mention two more things in passing that aren't really serious at all as they don't affect me, all the podcasts are listed as 'Unknown release date', and the smart-playlist doesn't take any notice of the podcast parameter (i.e. it ends up in the playlists and not in the podcast menu -- this may not be posssible...) 


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