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Re: [Bug-gnupod] Re: playcount not updating.

From: H. Langos
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnupod] Re: playcount not updating.
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 10:22:43 +0100
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On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 07:47:52PM +0100, Adrian Ulrich wrote:
> Hi,
> > I've seen pretty much the same behavior. Tracks that the ipod doesn't
> > mark as new anymore are reset to new by mktunes. 
> I cannot reproduce this problem on my Nano-G3

- put a new podcast on your ipod. it should be marked as new (blue dot).
- play 10 seconds of it and then skip to the next one. the blue dot is
- reattach your ipod. run a search and mktunes.
- eject and look at the podcast again. it will be marked as new (blue
  dot) again.

> > Does it make a difference if you let the ipod complete the playback of a 
> > podcast track or if you skip the rest of the track ?
> Yes! The iPod won't update the Play-Counts file unless the song completed:

Well, this perfectly explains my problem. the ipod removes the blue dot
from a podcast when you play it for at least 2 seconds. 

otgsync however only looks at the playcount when deciding wether to
places the played_flag. 

the playcount will still be at zero so otgsync doesn't add the played_flag 
and the next mktunes will make the podcast look completely new again.

> If you just skip a song, the iPod will mark it as played but won't update the
> Play-Counts file. GNUpod will never-ever know that you've played a part of 
> this file.

where does the ipod store that information? is it in the skip count? if
it is i would gladly modify my otgsync to add the played_flag if
the otg data contains a non-zero playcount OR a nonzero skip count.

> I don't know if this is a Fimrware Bug or a Feature.

I'd call it a feature. since they do distinguish between "skipped
quickly" and "skipped after more than two seconds of listeneing".

I'll try a patch to otgsync and post it to savannah if it works.


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