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[Bug-gnupod] mktunes hangs

From: ilf
Subject: [Bug-gnupod] mktunes hangs
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 14:03:20 +0200


I'm using the gnupod-tools 0.99.7-2 Ubuntu package. But I just diff'd
that mktunes with the mktunes.pl from the gnupod-0.99.8.tgz and they're
the same.

I had problems with mktunes hanging after any gnupod_ operation on my
iPod shuffle 2nd generation, with "automktunes = 1" set in .gnupodrc.
The operations worked, but I had to CTRL-C mktunes every time.

So I rm'd my iPod to gnupod_INIT it again and see if that helps. But it


$ mount /mnt/ipod
$ rm -rf /mnt/ipod/*
$ gnupod_INIT -m /mnt/ipod/
gnupod_INIT 0.99.7-CVS (C) Adrian Ulrich

Your iPod is mounted at /mnt/ipod/, ok ?
This tool creates the default directory tree on your iPod
and creates an *empty* GNUtunesDB (..or convert your old
iTunesDB to a new GNUtunesDB).

You only have to use this command if
    -> You never used GNUpod with this iPod
 or -> You did an 'rm -rf' on your iPod

btw: use 'gnupod_addsong -m /mnt/ipod/ --restore'
     if you lost your songs on the iPod after using
     gnupod_INIT (..but this won't happen, because
     this tool has no bugs ;) )

Hit ENTER to continue or CTRL+C to abort

Creating directory structure on /mnt/ipod/

> AppFolders:
> Music folders:
> No 'Limit' file created or deleted..
> Creating dummy files
No iTunesDB found, running mktunes
mktunes 0.99.7-CVS (C) Adrian Ulrich
> Searching iPod via sysfs


Here it hangs. I even let it sit over night, nothing.


 ..Looks like something went wrong :-/


Do you have any hint on what I should try?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

ilf                                             address@hidden

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