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[Bug-gnupod] OT? aacgain, any good experience with gnupod

From: Jonathan Clark
Subject: [Bug-gnupod] OT? aacgain, any good experience with gnupod
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 12:50:23 +0000


Sorry if this is off topic.

Most of my music is in aac files. I have run aacgain on Linux on the files (at album level) and used gnupod to load the files to my 3G ipod, but it does not appear to alter the volume when played back. Does anybody have any good experience of normalizing aac files, then loading to the ipod with gnupod? If so, what is the process which worked for you?

Having read a little on hydrogenaudio, and this mailing list archive, I surmise that for aac files, I need to alter the iTunNORM field somehow. I guess that could be done:
- by aacgain when it modifies the aac file
- by another utility, using the replay gain tags generated by aacgain
- by gnupod using the replaygain tags
I suppose it is unreasonable to ask gnupod to do that really. Anybody know of another utility (preferably which runs on Linux), or know the format of the iTunNORM field (i.e. what the hex field values mean?)

Thanks for any assistance,
Jonathan Clark
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