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[Bug-gnupod] "Please use iTunes" after mktunes.pl

From: Fabrice DELENTE
Subject: [Bug-gnupod] "Please use iTunes" after mktunes.pl
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 19:15:27 +0100
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I used gtkpod to put files on my iPod (serial number 4H0172PLALB), but
gtkpod is buggy and segfaults regularly.

I then found gnupod, and gave it a try. I found it very useful; I
edited the /iPod/iPod_Control/.gnupod/GNUtunesDB.xml file to change
the playlist, and then used mktunes.pl to generate the DB file needed
by the iPod (if I understood correctly).

However, it changed the name of the playlist(? not sure, but instead
of "iPod" for the playlist name in gtkpod, I now get gnupod-0.99.8)
but much worse, I can't listen to the music since a voice tells me
"please use iTunes to sync this iPod" or something like that.

Did I do something wrong, or is it a bug?


F. Delente

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