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Re: [Bug-gnupod] "Please use iTunes" after mktunes.pl

From: Jack Craig
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnupod] "Please use iTunes" after mktunes.pl
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 10:41:42 -0800

Hi Fabrice,

The below has worked well for me...

hth, jackc...

using the gnupod tools

1.  plug in the ipod and note the mount directory

2.  cd to that directory and remove all files

3.  gnupod_INIT.pl

4.  execute the load script, ~/podtools/best_load

5.  mktunes.pl --volume 40

6.  umount the ipod


my script in best load is just my crude playlist.

it looks like, ...

gnupod_addsong.pl -m /media/JACKC -set-album=greatest_hits -set-artist=marshall_tucker_band  /u/lib/Music/marshall_tucker_band/greatest_hits/24_hours_at_a_time.mp3
gnupod_addsong.pl -m /media/JACKC -set-album=negotiations_and_love_songs -set-artist=paul_simon  /u/lib/Music/paul_simon/negotiations_and_love_songs/50_ways_to_leave_your_lover.mp3
gnupod_addsong.pl -m /media/JACKC -set-album=shangrila -set-artist=mark_knopfler  /u/lib/Music/mark_knopfler/shangrila/515_am.mp3
gnupod_addsong.pl -m /media/JACKC -set-album=live_in_aughtthree -set-artist=james_mcmurtry  /u/lib/Music/james_mcmurtry/live_in_aughtthree/60_acres.mp3

optional step, create a file list

gnupod_search.pl > database of contents

On Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 10:15 AM, Fabrice DELENTE <address@hidden> wrote:

I used gtkpod to put files on my iPod (serial number 4H0172PLALB), but
gtkpod is buggy and segfaults regularly.

I then found gnupod, and gave it a try. I found it very useful; I
edited the /iPod/iPod_Control/.gnupod/GNUtunesDB.xml file to change
the playlist, and then used mktunes.pl to generate the DB file needed
by the iPod (if I understood correctly).

However, it changed the name of the playlist(? not sure, but instead
of "iPod" for the playlist name in gtkpod, I now get gnupod-0.99.8)
but much worse, I can't listen to the music since a voice tells me
"please use iTunes to sync this iPod" or something like that.

Did I do something wrong, or is it a bug?


F. Delente

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