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[Bug-gnuts] Message from eBay Member Regarding Item #233820097877, Brand

From: eBay Member future4mnj
Subject: [Bug-gnuts] Message from eBay Member Regarding Item #233820097877, Brand New Iphone Ultimate!Price 300$!
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 08:15:02 -0600

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Question from future4mnj
future4mnj( 324)
Positive feedback: 100%
Member since: Sep-05-05
Location: VA, United States
Registered on: www.ebay.com
Item: Brand New Iphone Ultimate!Price 300$! (233820097877)
This message was sent after the listing closed.
If you do not respond me today and inform me when you will start the shippment , i will have to request my money back.
When we conclude this deal, you said first thing in the morning will be by sending me the iphone.
Now what are trying to do ?
Once again thanks & have a great day!
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Details for item number: 233820097877
Item title: Brand New Iphone Ultimate!Price 300$!
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End date: Tuesday, Mar 6, 2007 15:34:11 PDT

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