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[Bug-gnuts] Re[1]: it's so nice to write to u

From: Anastasya
Subject: [Bug-gnuts] Re[1]: it's so nice to write to u
Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 05:31:34 +0300

Hello, Carl

Let's be realists, I understand that you receive letters from many beautiful 
women, of course if this would be a
matter of my will I would block your mailbox and you would receive only my
letters and you wouldn't have other choice as to get married with me)))) of 
course I am just kidding, but we all know
that there is a part of truth in any joke
So, I think that if I would choose you I would try to do my best not to please 
you, but to show you that next to me
you will be completely happy and won't need to search any more. I know how to 
make surprises and holidays, I always
remember all the important events and dates. I cook well. I would like my man 
to bring food at home and to give the
biggest part to his beloved girl))) I want him to respect his baby, to be proud 
of her, and to be jealous of her
(maybe a little bit))). He will know how to make a dinner in the restaurant; 
will take his girl to the disco club,
where he will dance a bit worse then she, but much better then other men))).
He takes care about the most difficult things (like making breakfast in the 
morning or opening the window at night
when it's hot in the room))) if it's really necessary. If this is just another 
caprice of his sweetie he will put her
in her place))) he comes from work tired, but not angry, and his sweetie ask 
him to eat because she was cooking the
whole day her new dish and was waiting for him to come and taste her new 
masterpiece))) and of course he likes this
dish, even if it's terrible)))
He plays cards and listens to the articles from the journals and newspapers his 
baby suggest to read together))) we
both discuss plans for the next vacation, when I dream how I will make him a 
feet massage in a hot bath in the middle
of the hotel under the stars.
And I, I love him endlessly, I dream about his arms, I dream a lot and finally 
I understand that I don't need to
dream because all my dreams already came true, right the day I met him, the
one who looked at me and told me "You will be mine" and I melted and gave up)))
So, what do you think, is it possible to have such life? Is this your dream 
also? I think you should share your
opinion with me because I know what you have on your mind and I want you to 
understand that nobody but me knows 
better how to make you happy))) http://feelfreewithlove.com/truefeel

Looking forward to hear from you


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