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[Bug-gnuts] Hello!

From: Lucille Frerich
Subject: [Bug-gnuts] Hello!
Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2007 13:49:12 +0100


   Been the Audit Manager of my bank BARCLAYS BANK PLC, I am contacting you today for a generous business proposal of this kind and I do hope it sound meaning full to you for a successful transaction. 

   Upon special auditing panel set-up by the Boards of directors of my bank BARCLAYS BANK PLC (London, United Kingdom) to investigate all credit account operated by it customers, that has been in operation for the last Seven (7) years. I discover a credit account with A/C N0: BL85BACA6008184354 amounting to (£12,467,000.00 Pound-GB).

For more information visit the web link below:

   On further trace I came across the file and found out that the true owner of this funds is Engineer Christian Eich, a German who Ran carmaker BMW's museum unfortunately lost his life, including his wife and two children in the plane crash (Flight AF4590) which crashed on July 31st 2000 killing all 109 people on board.

   This is just an avenue to success and it is not in anyway related to the recent internet scam, I only offer this cause by the end of this calendar year; all credit accounts that have not been in operation for the last seven (7) yrs will be transfer to the bank treasury account and noting more. That is why I am contacting you today in other for you and I to apply for the fund without any issue arising from the bank due to my position in the bank I can not apply my self.  

   For your information, the transfer payment to apply for should be Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Pound-GB (£7, 500, 000 Pound-GB). 

Email Me Immediately for details:

Mr. James Flak,
Barclays Bank Plc
London, United Kingdom
Tel: +44-704-570-8045
Lucille Frerich
Auditing Dept
London, United Kingdom

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