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[bug-gv] gs sym-link

From: Christopher Wolfe
Subject: [bug-gv] gs sym-link
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 08:50:29 -0400
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I can consistently produce the following issue. Wondering if something can be done about it. Not urgent.

If there is a symbolic link named "gs" in your current working directory, and you run gv, the following error message appears.
gs: gs: is a directory

Steps to Reproduce:
(1) Assume that gs8.51 is installed in /u/gnu/gs8.51/.
(2) cd /u/gnu
(3) ln -s gs8.51 gs
(4) gv /u/gnu/gs8.51/examples/tiger.eps

Additional Information:
I looked at the source for gv 3.6.1. It uses execvp() to run gs. Apparently the exec call takes the first executable file that it finds, even if it is a directory.

I can produce the problem on RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 and Fedora Core 3. I have not tried other OSes.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Christopher Wolfe
Software Consulting Services, LLC

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