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Re: [bug-gv] gv output stretched on external monitor

From: Bernhard R. Link
Subject: Re: [bug-gv] gv output stretched on external monitor
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 17:11:54 +0200
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* Andreas Brinkmann <address@hidden> [080408 17:03]:
> The laptop internal LCD has a resolution of 1280x800 and my external
> monitor of 1280x1024. When I use gv to display a postscript file on
> the external monitor, the output appears stretched. I have a
> screenshot attached, where the output of gsview and gv are compared.
> gs, gsview, kghostscript show the correct aspect ratio, while the
> output of gv appears stretched in the vertical dimension.

There is a patch in the Debian BTS I did not yet look at (too few time
and missing an Xinerama display to test it), which might solve this
problem (or be some starting point for someone else) at:


        Bernhard R. Link

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