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[bug-gv] .gv resources: typo in documentation?

From: Nuno J. Silva
Subject: [bug-gv] .gv resources: typo in documentation?
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 13:24:09 +0000
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I was trying to force a specific page size, and found this in the manual
(section 3.2 "Resources of gv"):

,----[(gv.info.bz2)Resources of gv]
| *pagemedia*
|      Sets the paper size.  Allowd values are as given in the above list
|      of paper-sizes.  Specifying `automatic' causes gv to attempt to
|      derive the correct paper-size from document structuring comments.
|      It defaults to `automatic'.

But adding the following line to ~/.gv doesn't work:

  GV.pagemedia:           A4

Then I used the gv interface to set (and save) the same setting, which
wrote, among other lines,

  GV.pageMedia:           A4

And this one works as expected.

The texinfo source at git has the same resource name[1] as my copy of
the info manual, so this looks like a typo, but I may have missed
something (like the name having been changed in the source code).

[1] (Line 598)

Nuno J. Silva

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