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[bug-gv] form reading funcitonnality needed in Free Software PDFreaders

From: Maelle Costa
Subject: [bug-gv] form reading funcitonnality needed in Free Software PDFreaders
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 11:28:15 +0100
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Hi !

As we have already contacted you about, FSFE is currently running a
campaign [1] to increase the public awareness about the existence of
alternatives to proprietary PDF-readers, mainly Adobe Acrobat Reader and

We are getting quite a good response rate from institutions, most of
them agreeing to FSFE's argumentation [2] and changing their website
(already more than 200 institutions changed [3]).

What's preoccupying is the fact that more and more institutions are
sending comments to the campaign that although they agree that
recommending one of the proprietary readers as the only alternative is
not acceptable, they can't recommend any of the readers of
pdfreaders.org because these are not able to deal properly with forms.
Some already tested several readers, without getting satisfying results.

Since this appears to be the only barrier left refraining institutions
to recommend Free PDF-readers, it seems that it would be very important
to invest time in developping this feature. If you have the time or the
man-power to get involved in it, and that you need more information to
develop this feature (i.e. what functions the institutions want, what
are their grounds of dissatisfaction so far...) ; please write me a mail
and I'll contact the institutions to give you all the necessary

Best regards

Maƫlle Costa
Free Software Foundation Europe - intern
im : address@hidden

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