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[bug-gv] multiple newline characters \r and \n

From: Ryo Furue
Subject: [bug-gv] multiple newline characters \r and \n
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2014 17:08:42 -1000

Hello gv maintainers,

ghostscript includes a program that produces EPS files that contain
'\r' in their header section; namely, the %%BoundingBox
and %%HiResBoundingBox headers both end with a '\r' in such EPS files
while other headers in the same files end with a '\n'.  The version of
gv I use  (3.7.4 on the testing distribution of Debian GNU/Linux)
cannot correctly read those boundingbox headers and consequently
cannot recognize the bounding box.

The ghostscript developers argue that both '\r' and '\n' are correct
newline characters and hence PostScript viewers should recognize both
of them correctly:


If they are correct, I'd like to ask that gv be fixed.

Best regards,

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