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Re: "make dist" does not fail on linux when missing "./build-aux/git-log

From: Sami Kerola
Subject: Re: "make dist" does not fail on linux when missing "./build-aux/git-log-fix"
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 18:42:02 +0000

On 13 March 2014 18:09, Assaf Gordon <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Gordon,

> (Sorry for "spamming" with these minor issues - but I'm modeling a program
> after "hello", and these things pop up - to ensure they are not problems in
> my files, I resort to verifying with GNU hello.)

I disagree, you are not spamming. Asking why questions makes email
list archive(s) more useful.

> The new issue:
> If "./build-aux/git-log-fix" is missing, "make dist" does *not* fail on
> Linux (but does fail on FreeBSD).
> I discovered that because my project did not have "git-log-fix" (and it is
> not a "gnulib" module, just a file that needs to be created).

The git-log-fix is needed if you decide to use gnulib
gitlog-to-changelog module. When that module is not in use I would
recommend to remove the gen-ChangeLog segment from Makefile.am

p.s. GNU Hello got gitlog-to-changelog in commit below. I hope that
helps you to find unnecessary lines.


Sami Kerola

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