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Problems with intl

From: Marc Dechico
Subject: Problems with intl
Date: Tue, 24 May 2022 08:44:22 +0200

I have been using hello-2.9 to start a cleaner version of an old project of
I think the 2.9 version is important for people who want to keep
I primarily thought gettext wasn't working at all with hello-2.9 and
therefore  didn't  find the right reason for
myproject-next-version not working with gettext..

I downloaded the tarball from the mirror given in gnu.org.

I found a bug in hello.c:  the greeting message was declared and
initialized before the call to bindtextdomain.

There are also a lot of fuzzy msgid in the po files, leading to messages
being not translated. Most of them need
to be corrected. That is what I did for the <de.po> and <fr.po> files by
removing the fuzzy marks.
It works when rebuilding the project (./configure and make) but when
building the tarball (make dist) the fuzzy marks
are reinstalled in the po files in the tarball.

The correction I made for hello.c is in the tarball.attached to this mail.

I hope I have been clear enough.
Thank you for your work!
Marc Dechico

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