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Re: [Bug-jwhois] Future plans?

From: Nazim Djafar
Subject: Re: [Bug-jwhois] Future plans?
Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2015 19:05:32 +0100
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Hi Mathieu,

> Hi,
> Since I plan to continue contributing to Jwhois, so I think it would be
> great if we can discuss its future.  As initiated in my pending patches,
> my first focus would be to integrate the good practices from other GNU
> packages, so it would be important to:
>  - Generate of change logs from git logs

Yes, we should use a tool to automate this task. Will you  help to choose one ?

>  - Provide a test suite

Feel free to send your propositions.

> Also it would be nice to:
>  - Fix the licensing issue for the manual in order to reintegrate
>    Debian.

I am not aware of that issue , but it should be a priority for us to 
reintegrate Debian.

> Later plans would be to:
>  - Turn Jwhois into a library
>  - Add Guile bindings for this library
> Would you be interested to work in that direction?
> What are your plans?
> --
> Mathieu Lirzin

for the moment the plan is :
   -merge the last changes from jonas repository.
   -fix bugs.
   -refactoring the code.

Best regards.


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