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[Bug-jwhois] Verisign updated whois label that broke the two step whois

From: Paul Goldstone
Subject: [Bug-jwhois] Verisign updated whois label that broke the two step whois command in jwhois
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 20:27:12 -0400
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Hello Nazim and team,


Earlier today the .com registry Verisign updated the format of their whois record.


Among other field changes, they renamed the registrar whois field from “WHOIS Server” to “Registrar Whois Server”.


Previously when one would run a whois command using jwhois you would return with both the registry whois record then you'd automatically run whois again at the registrar level and deliver that whois record too.


Now, you are only returning the registry whois record and scripts that reply on the registrar whois are breaking worldwide.


I think the solution is as simple as you updating the field you're looking for from “WHOIS Server” to “Registrar Whois Server”.


I hope I’m writing to the correct party! Please advise. I’ve also asked Verisign to reach out to any major players like yourself.






Paul Goldstone

CEO, DomainIt, Inc.




9891 Montgomery Rd #225, Cincinnati, OH 45242, US

+1-513-351-4222 (office)  | +1-513-617-4115 (mobile)


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