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[Bug-jwhois] code in jwhois.c

From: Alessandro Spinella (Consulente)
Subject: [Bug-jwhois] code in jwhois.c
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2017 09:59:08 +0000


looking inside the code have found

jwhois_query(struct s_whois_query *wq, char **text)
if ( (tmp && 0 == strcasecmp(tmp, "true")) || rwhois )
if (tmp2 && 0 == strcasecmp(tmp2, "true"))

that I feel

1) is NOT minimal (anything logical-anded-with zero will result in zero)

2) is even NOT the most readable form (lack of braces around first opreand)

3) moreover, while rwhois is a function with int prototype (as in rwhois.h), 
feel much clear the use of "complete" string : rwhois()

best regards and many thanks for the code; am planning to

a) move the cache into RAM

b) daemonize the progam

to use it as "buffer" for local high rate queries coming from other daemons.

Alessandro Spinella
DRBC - Disaster Recovery e Business Continuity
Tel. : 3476518283
e-mail: address@hidden
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