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bug#17840: [PATCH] libtool: Use 'file' instead of '/usr/bin/file' on GNU

From: Sam James
Subject: bug#17840: [PATCH] libtool: Use 'file' instead of '/usr/bin/file' on GNU systems.
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2022 21:29:01 +0100

> On 28 Sep 2022, at 14:34, Felix Lechner via Bug-libtool via Bug reports for 
> the GNU libtool shared library maintenance tool <bug-libtool@gnu.org> wrote:
> Hi,
>> there are a number of different 'file' programs and libtool expects
>> particular output from the 'file' program that it uses.
> I only have one kind of 'file' program installed, and Libtool cannot find it.
> Developing on Guix—which is a GNU project like Libtool—I hope to
> migrate the authentication logic in Linux PAM to Guile (another GNU
> project). I presently use Autotools and Libtool. [1] When running
> './configure' I get the error:
>    ./configure: line 6750: /usr/bin/file: No such file or directory

Which version of libtool? Can you share the header of the configure script too?

See also 
which landed in 2.4.7. Note that configure scripts must be regenerated using a 
newer libtool to use this.

(See also the far older 
https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-libtool/2014-06/msg00005.html but I don't
think that landed at a very quick glance).


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