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Increase your Market Share....Increase Sales!

From: Increase Sales
Subject: Increase your Market Share....Increase Sales!
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 23:49:08

In today's industrial selling environment, it can take just a few minutes to 
win......or lose the sale.

Would you like to find out how to win the sale and increase your market share? 

Buyers and Specifiers are under incredible time pressure. They need to evaluate 
and select suppliers so quickly and efficiently that you often have 
a brief window of opportunity to provide information that will lead to a sale. 
The faster you provide information.....the easier it is for buyers to do their 
jobs.....and for you to get the sale!

Did you know that:

The main search engines such as Alta Vista, Yahoo, Infoseek, Hotseek, HotBot & 
Lycos capture only 4% of what's on the web.

97% of all industrial purchases are initiated by the buyer.

In the year 2001, Industry will use the Thomas Register to specify and buy at 
least $102 billion dollars worth of products and services.

Do you need a website or already have one and are trying to market the site?

What about an affordable e-commerce solution or your CAD drawings in an 
interactive library format.

If you would like to learn more on how to reach your market and increase sales 
please respond as soon as possible.  There is a limited amount of 
time that we may list your company for free this year on ThomasRegister.com. 

You may call me directly at 770-662-0900 or respond by e-mail to address@hidden


Melinda Phillips

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